Are you looking for an IPTV system in Malta?

IPTV Malta Provider is offering a solution to the age old problem, 'Nothing decent on TV' We are offering a unique IPTV system which offers all the best content on TV including, Live TV from around the world in HD, Video on demand 'Movies and series' as well as a 7 day catch-up service. Maltese, UK and Italian Channels are recorded, this allows you to watch something you may have missed up-to a week ago! The IPTV Malta System works on Android Powered devices such as Android TV Boxes as well as Tablets and Smartphones. The system also works on IPTV decoders such as Mag set top boxes and TVIP IPTV Decoders. Our custom app turns your Android device to a fully functioning IPTV decoder,, this means you dont' necessarily need to purchase a decoder if you don't wish to do so!

IPTV Main Menu

We have developed this custom menu which sub divides video content into sections. This unique custom menu is available when running our service on a Mag decoder, Android device running our custom App or on a TVIP IPTV set top box. Each section contains different content such as Live TV, Movies, Series and Catch-up. The Live TV section is then sub divided into packages, this makes navigating through the vast selection of channels that much easier. Many other providers put all the content in one big menu, we know this isn't ideal.  

Live TV Packages.

Our Live TV section is divided into sections called packages, each package contains a number of Live channels. Packages examples are Italian Movies, Italian Sports, Maltese General, UK Movies, UK Sports etc. We use a packaging system to hep the user navigate quicker through the vast content which is available on our system. Most providers don't use a packaging system, rather they keep all the content in one long list, this makes navigation time consuming and confusing. Our custom menu system with packaging is available on our custom app as well as directly on Mag or other IPTV decoders. Custom packages are included such as, 'English Premier League, Boxing, Italian Seria A' and others. We add the channels which are broadcasting such events in their corresponding package title.

Video On Demand ‘Movies and Seires’

The Video nn demand section contains over 5000 entries and the list is updated daily with new movies and series. This is one of the largest databases of movies and series available, content loads within seconds and is in HD format. Series are divided into seasons and episodes, categories are used to split content by Genres such as Drama, Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy etc.. A previously watched section helps the viewer locate quickly a series or movie they previously watched and continue watching it. From top to bottom, this system was developed to ensure the customers user experience is a priority, we dont just throw everything on there, we actually list it with menus and order.


IPtv service on multiple devices in Malta


IPTV Malta


What does IPTV Malta Provider have to offer?

 IPTV Malta Provider has been providing IPTV services in Malta for over 3 years now, we started with a total of 200 IPTV Channels available and now today have up to 3000 Live IPTV channels available. The IPTV Malta website was set up to help you 'the reader' or 'interested party' understand the true potential of IPTV services as well as to introduce to you, the different IPTV services available and also what to expect after having adopted one of these IPTV Malta systems.

We currently offer 2 different services, one service goes for quality and stability were as the other IPTV service goes for channel numbers and a low running cost whilst still adopting stability and clarity which fits within our organisations guidelines.

Below we have listed the main attributes for both the mentioned IPTV Malta systems , one being the Gold IPTV service and the other being the Platinum IPTV Malta service.


IPTV Malta Platinum IPTV Service

Our Platinum IPTV service is a cut above the rest in many different categories, it is next to impossible to find a service better than the Platinum service anywhere online as well as locally, especially at this price! below are some key points related to the Platinum IPTV service , we will further discuss the service in greater detail in our services page.

Video on Demand ‘VOD’

 Watch over 5000 entries. included in this IPTV package are both movies and series which are updated automatically on a daily basis. We include all the latest movies and series. This Video on demand package divides movies and series into categories and offers a search function for ease of use. Play, pause, rewind and fast forward in real time using the remote control provided. Our 'VOD' system grows with each passing day.

1500 + Live Channels, HD!

Watch over 1500 Live channels, most of them are in HD. Watch all the sports events Live thanks to over 600 Live sports channels from around the world. Watch PREMIUM live channels with the least buffering of any current system. Select between HD or SD versions of a channel to accommodate your current internet service speed. The live channel section includes channels such as, Movie, Music, Cartoons, Local, Cultural, cooking, Adult, Sports, Religion, Documentary and more. Live channels are available from around the globe. Check our updated list for channels which are available by country.

14 Day Catch-UP ‘2 Weeks Recorded’

Our Platinum IPTV service offers 14 days of catch up on the most popular channels. Step back in time and don't miss out on the excitement. We offer an easy to follow menu which allows the user to scroll through a list of recorded programs which were broadcast live, then play, pause and rewind to ensure nothing is missed. This system almost entirely eliminates the need for the user to record any programs, rather, the system does the recording automatically and is available if needed.

IPTV Malta Gold IPTV service

IPTV Malta's Gold IPTV service package offers by far the largest list of IPTV channels on the market. The Gold IPTV package includes over 3000 Channels from around the world, including many different countries. There is also a Video on demand section for movies and series. It is the most cost effective service available offering the biggest BANG for your BUCK!!! This service was introduced to ensure we can satisfy a larger number of people with different budgets.

Watch Over 3000 Live IPTV Channels

Watch over 3000 Live channels from around the world! watch Movies, Documentaries, Music, Kids, Entertainment, Cooking, News and many more categories.<strong></strong><strong></strong><strong></strong><em></em><em></em> Our Gold IPTV package includes channels from a number of countries including UK, Italy, France, Spain, Malta, USA, Germany, Arabic and Many, Many, More! There are a large number of HD IPTV Channels which are included and we constantly add new HD channels to the system on a weekly basis.  Quality of the IPTV channels is very good and stable. 

Watch Video on Demand ‘VOD’

The Gold package also includes video on demand, basically Movies and series which are stored on a server online and presented to the user in a list. Play, stop, rewind and fast forward movies and series in HD. Its an excellent On demand system as it is an added bonus for such an affordable IPTV service.

Electronic Program Guide ‘EPG’

EPG or Electronic program guide is another added feature which the Gold IPTV Malta service has to offer. The EPG service provides helpful information about the program being shown at the time and also information about up coming events..  

Setting up an IPTV system!

We make it simple! an IPTV system can be set up and running on the same day that it is ordered from IPTV Malta If you are considering setting up you own IPTV Malta system you've come to the right place, check out our IPTV set up guide below.

Select an IPTV Service

You would first need to decide which IPTV Malta service to go for, the more expensive one, or the more cost effective one! Key differences have been highlighted above. The Platinum IPTV Malta service offers more HD Channels, a larger Video on demand library and a redundant server as backup in case the main IPTV server is down for maintenance. Click here for a more detailed description for both services. 

Gold IPTV Malta

Platinum IPTV Malta

Select an IPTV device

You selected the IPTV service, now you need to select the device you will be running the IPTV Service on. IPTV Malta provider .com supplies all the best IPTV boxes available on the market and our proffered choice would be a Mag decoder or TVIP IPTV Decoder, however, we have developed a custom app which provides the exact same interface on an Adnroid device as would a mag or dedicated IPTV set top box.  There are instances where an android TV Box or even Laptop / PC or tablet are the better option. This is normally down to the users preference. The Mag devices are easier to use and offer easy to follow menus, elder customers should consider opting for a mag rather than any other option. More tech savvy customer could opt for any of our Android TV Boxes or even simply use an existing PC, mobile or tablet to save some money. If you already own a device you wish to use, please make sure it is fast enough to run the software smoothly, this will allow the IPTV service to run smoother with less buffering or freezing. An IPTV service can be run on practically any device which can run Kodi smoothly. for a list of compatible devices click here.


Still undecided? 

If you have questions because you are either unsure or haven't understood something, please feel free to contact us via E-mail, Facebook chat or even Mobile Phone

Place your order

When you decide how many months of IPTV service you wish to go for and which device you prefer, place your order and you can have the service running on the same day. We offer a delivery service and also a pickup service. On receipt of your order one of our team members will create the account as necessary, load the information onto the new device 'if applicable' and you will be able to collect the IPTV service on the same day between office hours unless specified differently. 



Mag 254

M8S Android

IPTV on your Tablet

Mag 256

R1 Android TV Box

IPTV on your Laptop

IPTV in Malta and what to look out for!

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Additional information regarding IPTV in Malta and IPTV providers in Malta.

There are a number of IPTV Malta providers on the Island however it is good to note the differences between the suppliers and whats on offer. When selecting an IPTV Malta system one should consider the following;

  • How reliable is the supplier and how established is the IPTV supplier
  • What IPTV channels are on offer
  • What quality of IPTV channels are available
  • What devices they can install the IPTV service on
  • If the supplier provides IPTV devices
  • If the provider offers a warranty on the devices available
  • What up time is expected from the IPTV system
  • The price set for the IPTV service

How reliable is the supplier and how established is the IPTV supplier in Malta

Are you looking into an IPTV Malta system being offered by any random Joe or are you looking into an IPTV service which is offered by an established business? Very important to go for an IPTV supplier which portrays quality and professionalism. A quick glance at the website is already an indication of what kind of business your dealing with.

What IPTV channels are on offer

Check what IPTV channels you expect to be able to watch, normally channel lists are extensive and channels are numerous, you would then need to check the quality of the channels and the type of channels available, HD or SD?

What quality of IPTV channels are available

In Malta and also overseas, many people want to sell the service by boasting how many channels they have, it is more important to know how many of the IPTV channels are of good quality, HD and higher.Are the IPTV channels available premium channels or are they all free to air and irrelevant to your needs?

What devices they can install the IPTV service on

Some IPTV Malta suppliers will be able to install the IPTV service on 1 or two devices and others can install the IPTV service on multiple devices. It is best to check what is recommended by the supplier and compare to other recommendations.

If the supplier provides IPTV devices

It is always best to purchase an IPTV Malta system from a supplier who is also selling IPTV devices, this way you know for sure that the IPTV system will be compatible with the device and also it is common practice for the warranty to be honored whilst still subscribed to an IPTV subscription.

If the provider offers a warranty on the devices available

A warranty on the devices is usually offered by companies who actually import the devices themselves directly from the factory and not from individuals who purchase devices on ebay and re sell them in Malta. Sellers who offer IPTV services in Malta mostly do not purchase directly from factories, they instead import from ebay sellers, this is why a lot of suppliers DO NOT offer a genuine warranty when things go wrong.

What up time is expected from the IPTV Malta system

IPTV systems need to be available online as long as possible, this is why it is good practice for IPTV providers to have more than one server for when things go wrong. A good IPTV system will have more than one server in place for IPTV customers to connect to. Our Platinum service has a redundant IPTV server for increased up time.

The price set for the IPTV service

The Price of the IPTV Malta system you go for needs to reflect the quality of service received. If your paying a little amount for the service then you can expect a certain service, if your paying a little more than the market average then you know you can expect a service which is superior.