IPTV Malta - Service provider - All you need to know about IPTV Malta Services.

This page offers helpful information to those inquiring about IPTV Malta services. IPTV Malta is currently a hot topic and we are offering the most comprehensive list of IPTV channels, VOD and catch up in Malta. 

We are offering an excellent IPTV service which includes thousands of foreign premium channels, below you will find a list of the countries we currently source IPTV channels from. If you are an expat living in Malta you will find this IPTV service to be excellent, a lot of Live IPTV channels are also in HD and are extremely stable.

It is important to note that IPTV is just a name used to refer to a technology, therefore there are different IPTV services on offer which is why costs vary and so do channels and general video content available on different services.

We are offering different IPTV services in Malta, one is the platinum service and the latter is the Gold IPTV service, Key differences and detailed information about the two IPTV services being offered in Malta are listed below.

The channel list for the IPTV Malta Gold service can be found here.

IPtv service on multiple devices in Malta
LG Large TV IPTV Malta

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A list of Countries we currently source IPTV channels for

If you are an Expat living in Malta then you can see the countries we are currently catering for, if you are after a particular country or channel please feel free to contact us. The Below list of countries are available in our Gold Package IPTV Malta Service.

Malta Germany Pakistan
Africa Greece Portugal
Albania Hungary Russian
Arab Countries India Scandinavia
Belgium Iran Spain
Bulgaria Italy and Adult Sweden
Denmark Kurdistan Switzerland
Estonia Macedonia Turkey
ex-Yu Netherlands United Kingdom
France Norway United States

What is IPTV?

Internet Protocol Television - There you have it!

Many people contact us daily inquiring about IPTV services, it quickly becomes evident that at least 30% of callers DO NOT understand what IPTV actually is and rather think that IPTV is ONE service being offered by different suppliers.

IPTV is actually a technology which is used by different providers to deliver television content over the internet to IPTV users. Rather than using a satellite or dedicated television cable, IPTV technology uses existing internet connections to deliver television content to peoples homes.

The miss conception regarding IPTV is that people think there is only one IPTV service which is called 'IPTV'. Only about 30% of the individuals who contact us make this miss conception however it is still a high number.

Different IPTV Malta providers will have different channels and different services available on their IPTV system, some will have more live channels than others and some will also include vast Video on demand libraries or even a catch up service. In Malta we have a lot of different providers, all claming to have an excellent IPTV service however one would need to test the waters prior to commuting themselves. 

What effects IPTV quality

Many factors contribute towards a stable IPTV Malta system, due to these many factors it is easy for an IPTV system to fall short of what is expected. 
internet connection available to the user: A constant connection of at least 12 Mbps download speed is necessary for the service to work properly, this is the primary and most effecting link in this chain.
The IPTV device being used:  it is important that the user adopts a capable IPTV device, one which can handle decoding the streams 'data packets' efficiently, slow devices normally end up with buffering issues.
IPTV provider: The provider would need to be actually transmitting a solid stream, one which is not buffering and can actually handle the amount of users on the system, most providers have come up to scratch with this issue however some less honest ones keep overloading the IPTV system with users and this has an adverse effect on the overall performance of the users device.

Definition of IPTV

Internet protocol television is a technology which uses the internet infrastructure to transmit video content over existing channels using data packets, in the same way which e-mails and YouTube videos reach your device. Breaking down the 3 words will help explain better what IPTV is. Internet: a set of connected networks which connect devices which are geographically split / cross continents. Protocol: A set of instructions which are pre determined and set as a standard for different companies to adopt, an example of a protocol is 'HTTP' which helps us use the internet and access websites. Television: this one needs no introduction, entertainment which can be viewed on different devices which may include audio. So, we need to transmit the desired video content from one location 'our base' to another, for this we are going to use the internet and to transmit this content we are going to use a set of instructions which are standard throughout the industry, this way we can ensure that the receiver also can decode the content and process it accordingly.